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People are the only thing that’s any different between our competitors and us.

– Vice President

I made some major career growth since I’ve been here. Now I’m able to pass on the same kind of opportunities to another group of people who are aspiring and achieving their career goals. That’s probably the biggest satisfaction I get. Here people actually have the opportunity to grow at whatever speed they want to – to whatever level they want. We do not have a pyramidic management, we do not have stumbling blocks. If anybody wants to be president of the company, there’s a tracking method here for them to go through and become the president of a company. And we do the walk and our talk, pretty well on that.

Our business is total relationships. That’s what our business is. People are the only thing that’s any different between our competitors and us.

We try to treat our employees like we treat our customers. That’s the ultimate. We treat our employees fairly, they treat the customers fairly, and our customers treat us fairly. So it’s a full circle. But if you break any of those links, it would all fall apart. That’s why we have no sales force. Everyone who works here is a salesman based on the quality job that we produce. And we’re very competitive. We take the relationships down to a lower level of accountability than most companies. We bring something above and beyond just the price.

Everything we do is not like a normal electrical contractor. We don’t cut corners, we don’t sacrifice the job for profit. That’s short-term. We are profitable, but it is a byproduct of doing everything else correctly. Everything we do is building for long-term. Even if it costs us money on the job to produce the quality, we get it back ten-fold.

We want the customer satisfied. It’s a moral obligation to provide that kind of quality. Our name is on it. So it’s like a piece of artwork to us, if you will. We get the same satisfaction from seeing the finished product as a painter or photographer would get when people admire their work.